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Your Personal Information

At Carbon2Cobalt we respect your choices about privacy and how your information is used.

If you would like to submit a request regarding your Personal Information (PI), please click on the links below to visit and complete your requests online:


Select the option that applies:

  • Tell Me All You Know About Me If you're curious about the information and details we have in your name, we're happy to share that with you with is form.
  • Do Not Sell My Personal Information We do not "sell" your information in the traditional sense of the word (in that we do not receive compensation for it,) however it is possible that some our usage may constitute a sale pusuant to certain state laws. If you prefer to opt out and not share your name or information with partners or other companies, simply fill out this request form.
  • Delete My Personal Information We respect your privacy. Fill out this request to delete your information entirely with Carbon2Cobalt.

If you would like to learn more about how we use your information, please see our privacy policy at If you have questions about anything related to privacy (but do not wish to make a request), please email