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 Frequently Asked Questions

Updated November 8, 2023

We want you to love what you choose at Carbon2Cobalt, whether that's a gift or something for yourself. To help ensure that happens we have put together answers to commonly asked questions from our customers. You can also find additional information on our customer service page for more details about shipping, exchanges and returns and sizing.

Placing an Order

  • HOW DO I PLACE AN ORDER? The fastest, easiest way to place an order is by visiting
    You can also call and place an order with our customer service team at 805-687-7400 during business hours.

  • WHAT PAYMENT METHODS DO YOU ACCEPT? Major credit cards only – Visa, Discover, Mastercard and American Express.
    Carbon2Cobalt Electronic Gift Cards found here.
    Note: We do not accept other types of pre-paid gift cards.

  • DO YOU ACCEPT MULTIPLE FORMS OF PAYMENT? Carbon2Cobalt gift cards and one of the major credit cards listed above can be used together.

  • CAN I UPDATE OR CANCEL MY ORDER?? Once an order is placed, we are unable to update or cancel this except for back-ordered items. Please contact customer service for additional questions regarding this issue by emailing or calling 805-687-7442.

  • HOW ARE ORDERS CHARGED BY CARBON2COBALT? Your credit card will be authorized for the full amount of in-stock items once the order is placed. Back-ordered items will be charged as they ship to our customers. All authorizations are typically released within 3-5 business days based on your financial institution.

  • Shipping

  • WHAT SHIPPING COURIER DO YOU USE? The courier is automatically chosen based on the size/weight of the package as well as the location of delivery. Once your order ships, we will email you the tracking details including courier and tracking information.

  • WHY HASN'T MY BACK-ORDERED ITEM SHIPPED (THE EXPECTED SHIP DATE HAS PASSED)? Back-orders ship to customers within 1-2 business days of receipt in our warehouse.

  • WHERE DO YOU SHIP ORDERS FROM? We ship from Oxnard, California.

  • WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I BELIEVE MY PACKAGE IS LOST? Please check with the courier and your neighbors to try to locate the package. Please allow 24-48 hours after the tracking shows as ‘delivered’ before contacting customer service or call 805-687-7442.

  • Fit Guidelines and Sizing

  • HOW DO I INTERPRET YOUR SIZING CHART? Our sizing chart (found here) is based upon body measurements, not garment measurements.

  • WHAT RISE IS TYPICAL FOR YOUR PANTS? We offer comfortable mid-rise pants. We do not sell low-rise or high-waisted pants.

  • Returns and Exchanges

  • HOW LONG DO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES TAKE? 5-7 business days upon delivery of the return in our warehouse. However, return lead time may increase during and after the December holiday season.

  • HOW DO I RETURN OR EXCHANGE A GIFT? Please contact customer to request a return label be emailed to you at: or call 805-687-7442.

    If you are not a current Carbon2Cobalt customer, you will need to provide your name, phone number, email address and billing/shipping information to create a customer profile in order to process a gift return.

    Gift returns can be refunded by issuing an electronic gift card; gift returns cannot be refunded to anything other than the original credit card used.

  • WILL I BE NOTIFIED ONCE YOU RECEIVE MY RETURN? We do not send an email upon receipt of the return package; however, you will receive a general return email once the return/exchange is processe

  • HOW LONG UNTIL SEE MY REFUND FOR A RETURN? Once your refund is processed, it can take up to 3-5 business days process to your credit card.

  • WHAT DO I DO IF THE PROVIDED RETURN LABEL ISN'T IN MY PACKAGE? Please contact customer to request a new return label be emailed to you at: or call 805-687-7442.

    You can request a new return label be emailed to you via chat as well.>

  • HOW WILL I RECEIVE A REFUND IF MY CREDIT CARD IS NO LONGER ACTIVE? Please contact customer service to update your new credit card information. The updated credit card MUST be from the same banking institution as the original card used. If the account if closed we will issue an electronic gift card.

  • CAN I RETURN ITEMS FROM MULTIPLE ORDERS IN ONE RETURN PACKAGE? You may do this; however, please include all the order numbers for all items included in the return package, as well as refund or exchange information for all items included.

  • Our Products

  • WHERE ARE YOUR GARMENTS PRODUCED? Our garments are manufactured all over the world as certain factories and regions have different specialties. Currently we produce most of our products in India, China, and some in the United States. Ethical manufacturing is important to us and when possible, our design team is fully involved in the production process. Over the years, we have worked to develop close relationships with these factories to ensure our garments are made with a high degree of quality that we can stand behind.

  • WHY DON'T YOU MAKE CLOTHING IN SIZES LARGER THAN XXL? We will begin offering a larger men’s assortment at the beginning of Spring 2024.

  • WHY AREN'T MODELS SHOWN WEARING YOUR CLOTHING? We intentionally do not show models in exotic locales to imply who wears our clothing. Instead, we focus on the details or special elements of the clothing itself. Our clothing is designed to run true-to-size and we recommend you choose your normal size when purchasing. And as always, if you have specific questions about fit, please feel free to contact us at

  • Care Instructions

  • HOW DO I CARE FOR MY CARBON2COBALT CLOTHING? Each garment comes with instructions specific to its fabric, construction, and dyes. Please refer to your item’s inner tag for the most relevant information.

  • IS THE QUALITY OF CARBON2COBALT GOOD? Each of our unique designs feature the highest quality products made from the world’s finest materials. If you feel your item has faulty construction or subpar materials due to a manufacturing issue, we want to correct the problem. Please reach out to us at or call 805-687-7442.

  • ARE YOUR CLOTHES PRE-SHRUNK OR WILL THEY SHRINK AFTER WASHING? If you follow the care instructions on the garment, you should not experience any major shrinkage. However, all dryers heat differently, and high temperatures can sometimes constrict fibers. We recommend avoiding drying your garments on high temperatures for any extended period.

    • To ensure the longevity of your garment, we do not recommend putting any items in a dryer for extended periods of time. Dryers run at very high temperatures and can compromise natural fabrics.
    • Wash garments inside out to protect buttons and delicate fabrics.
    • un a cycle in your washing machine after using bleach to ensure that the chemicals do not affect the next washing load with your clothing to avoid fading.
    • For all garment dyed or indigo pieces, wash alone or with like colors on a delicate cycle by itself for the first few times, as these are prone to bleeding.
    • Due to the dye used in garment dyed pieces there may be a faint odor, which is normal. Once the piece has been washed the dye smell will fade.
    • Please lay all sweaters and sweats flat to dry to prevent stretching the material or causing threads to pull.
    • It is only natural for a bit of pilling to occur on soft sweater materials. We recommend the use of a cashmere comb (it works well on more than cashmere) from time to time to keep your items looking their best.
    • For any pulls in material, do not cut the thread. A bobby pin can be used to pull the thread back through. If this doesn’t work, please take the item to a tailor for further repair.

  • Where to Find Carbon2Cobalt

  • WHERE IS CARBON2COBALT SOLD? We only sell our clothing at We do not sell our clothing in retail locations or on other websites. We actively pursue counterfeit or imposter websites to ensure the quality of designs. If you come across one of these fraudulent websites or stores, please contact us: or 805-687-7442

  • DO YOU HAVE A RETAIL LOCATION? We do not have retail locations and do not sell our clothing on other websites. We only sell our clothing online at or through our mailed catalog.